7 conseils pour vous aider à perdre du poids facilement

Many women have had to follow a strict diet once in their life, because a few pounds less on the hips (if there are too many!) Are also good for your health. If only there hadn’t been this stupid waiver of all benefits! You always have to be careful that you can resist the temptations lurking everywhere, cook healthily, and succeed in exercising after all that hard work. Dieting to lose weight always means sacrifice and effort. But must it be so? No ! We reveal 7 tips that will allow you to lose weight in everyday life without having to make too many sacrifices.

Tips for losing weight: what to watch out for!

1. No strict detox by juice or powder

It sounds odd, because wherever you go, a detox juice cure is advertised, but that doesn’t really make sense, according to nutritionists and experts. even cause devastating damage to the body and is therefore more unhealthy than healthy.

Everything that’s supposed to make you happier, healthier, leaner, and stronger in seven days needs to be questioned. On the other hand, moderate detox as a natural diet can certainly help the body to regenerate itself, but you should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle in general.

2. Avoid unnecessary snacks

Those who work in the office feel the need to get up and take a short break from time to time. Many associate this with a snack. Just walk into the cafeteria, stretch your legs and grab a chocolate bar. Even if you are not hungry at all! Taking a break isn’t a problem, but skip the snack if you’re not really hungry. Have a coffee, chat with a colleague – it’s a little break too.

3. Water instead of soft drinks

Probably the easiest way to save calories is to skip carbonated drinks and drink water. This is good not only for the scale, but also for the insulin level, which is no longer constantly pushed up and causes binge eating after the rapid drop. Anyone who is “addicted” to sugary drinks (including the sugar in coffee!) Should trade one for the other, step by step. You don’t have to have three colas, but maybe just one.

4. The morning routine

Le début de la journée a un impact important sur la nutrition et la forme physique. Si vous souhaitez avoir un mode de vie sain, vous devez donc prévoir du temps le matin pour une routine saine. Il est préférable de se lever 15 minutes plus tôt pour prendre un thé en toute tranquillité, méditer, s’étirer et respirer profondément. Les personnes stressées prennent souvent de mauvaises décisions, surtout lorsqu’il s’agit de manger !

5. Green vegetables

You should incorporate green vegetables into your diet at least three times a day. They contain many important nutrients and also make you feel full. Green vegetables are also great for making healthy green smoothies!

6. Drink instead of eat

Everyone knows this feeling of being on the brink of famine. Our brains often play tricks on us when we’re crazy about sugar. Plus, if you haven’t drunk enough water, you often confuse hunger with thirst! So if you think you are hungry, you should drink a glass of water first. If that doesn’t help and it’s been five hours or more since the last meal, it’s safe to eat something.

7. Strength instead of weight

Those who set goals for strength gain rather than weight loss will last longer! The Plank Challenge is ideal for this. Just start with one plank and do one more each day. You will quickly see physical changes, if not on the scale.